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Our Story

“All of my life I’ve been passionate about Entrepreneurship, I wanted to give something back that would save the pain and bypass mistakes I made and experienced.”

-Chad Peda, The Entrepreneurs Collaborative (TEC) founder

Are you an Aspiring Entrepreneur, ready to make your first leap?

Are you an Active Entrepreneur with your feet wet and ready for the next level?

Are you an Entrepreneur that has reached a high level of success and is ready to give back as a Mentor?

Are you someone who loves the American Dream and wishes to support Entrepreneurs?

If you fit any of the categories above, we welcome you and are here to serve you.

What is The Entrepreneurs Collaborative?

The Entrepreneurs Collaborative (TEC) is an innovative concept of support and collaboration for the new and established entrepreneur. Move more quickly and wisely through the steps to your success. Learn from successful mentors and have access to your own professional office, personal support team and proprietory tools and resources.

What is a TEC EmpowerCenter?

What sets TEC, The Entrepreneurs Collaborative, apart from any other organization is our TEC EmpowerCenters. They are physical spaces used for collaboration, teaching, training and support for the collective group of members, advisors and supporters. Members have 24/7 access.

Find us on LinkedIn by searching “The Entrepreneurs Collaborative” in groups, or click below. If you have any thoughts, ideas or questions, please email us here, or text our team at 701-561-1998.

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